La Rochelle Film Festival

When we arrived in La Rochelle, we found that there was a film festival going on that began our first day here.  The festival lasts about a week and a half and they show films from all over.  When I first arrived in La Rochelle I had a difficult time understanding my host family a lot of the time.  The day after I arrived I was able to understand enough of what they were saying to learn about a film that was going to be shown outside Sunday night, July 4th. 

I was extremely surprised when i found out the movie that they were showing was Master and Commander with Russell Crowe and it was to be shown right next to the old port.  I figured that the film would be dubbed over in French, but i decided to go anyway because even if I could not understand anything the experience would still be something new.  I went to the movie with my host family and a friend and when we arrived there, there was a huge screen set up right next to the old port along with a lot of chairs.  Since we had to wait for it to get dark outside so we could see the screen, we were able to slowly watch the sky dim and the lights around the port get brighter.  When the film began I was shocked again to find out that it was not dubbed over and instead just had French subtitles.  It was just something that I do not see happening as often in the U.S. because I feel that the majority of people would prefer to not have to bother with subtitles.  It was unbelievable that I was able to watch a film while sitting right next to this beautiful French port.  The entire view was incredible and it was amazing to get to experience all of it! 


Flim Festival. Photo Taken by Claire Turck

– Jordan Hammelman ’10


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