Moullié, Moullié, Mouillé!

When I arrived in La Rochelle and found out that there would be a three-year old  boy in my house I was very excited!  To me, the youngest of three children who had always wanted a younger sibling, he was like a toy for me to play with.


However, my little toy turned out to have quite a personality!  His name is Silvio and he just recently turned three years old, a fact of which he was very proud!  He talks non-stop, the majority of which was lost is lost on me!  Thankfully kicking around a soccer ball and playing with toy cars is something I understand very well, even in France!

One evening right after dinner, I went to my room to get some work done.  While I was distractedly looking out my window I heard a rapid stomping approaching my room.  I looked over to a very agitated Silvio standing in my doorway!  Trying not to smile I asked him, the best I could in French, what was wrong! 

His response to my question was a rapid progression of incoherent French!  When he realized  that I had no idea what he had said, he walked up to me, sat on the bed beside me, and proceeded to hit me with he little socked foot, a wet foot at that! 

“Mouillé, mouillé, mouillé!”

I was so confused and still had no idea what he was trying to say to me! He was quite frustrated and after one final kick of his foot, he stormed back out of my room.  I grabbed my dictionary and looked up the word, “Mouillé: adjective, wet.”  Oh! It all made sense to me now!  Turns out that Silvio had stuck his foot in a puddle while his grandmother was watering her flowers. 

What he wanted me to do about the situation I still have no idea, but I know that I will never forget how to say wet!

Silvio has been an amazing little teacher for me!  This sock incident is just one of many learning experiences that he has provided for me!

Claire Turck, ’11


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