What is the Return Policy for Identities?


Looks like I have to work with what I have.

Being here in La Rochelle has opened my eyes to a whole new me. A me that I have not fully accepted yet. This trip has surrounded me with new people, new food and new sounds. Who wouldn’t be impacted by all that? The new me is a mute, non-funny, shy and awkward person. I wonder if the family I’m staying with will ever know the real me; the me that I like. As the days pass by I am slowly starting to be comfortable with being uncomfortable but it will definitely take some more time. As for now, I am curious to see if the old me ever starts to shine through or if I am just a different person in France. I’m hoping I can warm up to this new identity, but does anyone know about any sort of 30 day money-back guarantee?
~AnnaLéah Chantry ’12


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