Ça sent bon!

Strong and powerful, sweet and light, and even the thick, face-cringing smell, have all been an experience. Being in a new place you always encounter new smells. I think my sense of smell has greatly improved. The smells I have experienced here will forever remind me of La Rochelle.

My host mom is an excellent cook and she makes dinner for her family every night. She loves cooking so much. Around 7pm the house begins to fill will the smells of he amazing cuisine. When you enjoy the smell of the food you are about to eat it is polite to give compliments to the chef. I never knew how to compliment my host moms cooking until I buckled down and asked her. She taught me, “Ça sent bon“, which means “Smells good” in English. I have used this line over and over and even outside of my house! This may be my new favorite phrase! Every day that I walk into town I jump over and around puddles of water from the melted ice that kept the seafood from the night before fresh. The seafood smell lingers for a little on the bottoms of my shoes. Is it weird that I now think “Ça sent bon“? I pass dozens of cafés and I smell fresh crêpes and coffe. Before coming to France, the smell of coffee made me sick to my stomach but now I just say “Ça sent bon!” Vendors line the streets selling anything from strong leather smelling bracelets to dresses to even candy. The candy just so happens to be my favorite of course. There is a large man in a dirty apron who makes the best smelling treat in the world. He scoops some type of nut into a large round pot. The pot is heated and he adds some type of sugary syrup and creates an awesome smell. Everyday I walk by I take a big whiff of this yummy smell and I think to myself “Ça sent bon“. I am hoping to one day buy a bag of the treat that smells so good. I wonder if it tastes as good as it smells? As for now, I will take my new favorite phrase and use it as much as possible! Last night my “mom” made a yummy chocolate treat for me. (Ever since se found out I love chocolate, she makes every dessert with chocolate-no complaints though!) As soon as I walked into the kitchen she told me she made me “petit chocolats” and i looked at her and said, “Ca sent bon!” she turned to me and gave me the most proud looking smile I have yet to see. We enjoyed a delicious dinner then we ate our petit chocolats!

AnnaLeah Chantry ’12


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