Friday Night with the Gueilhers

At dinner during one of my first nights here in France, my “host dad” was telling me about the summer camp Basil, one of their two sons, was going to be attending for a week. He was explaining to me how at the end of the week, as a sort of “going away party” for the campers, the families had the chance to join them for a giant dinner picnic, a bonfire, and skits and songs performed by the campers that they had learned throughout the week. He invited me to join them for the hour long car ride out to the country, saying how he thought it would be a good experience for me to see as much of France as possible, since so far I had only seen the little town of La Rochelle. Of course I agreed to go with them, so last Friday evening I had the pleasure of getting to see parts of France I had yet to see and continue to be surrounded in the French language all while spending more time with host family and getting to know them better.

At first, being with dozens of campers and their families in an unfamiliar place was entirely overwhelming. However, as the night progressed and I got more comfortable trying to communicate with those around me in French, I ended up having a great time there. Granted, the performances by the kids and the songs they sang went completely over my head at times, because since it was all so fast paced, I could not understand everything they were saying.  I could though, catch the gist of it enough to know the majority of what was going on, and I enjoyed watching and learning more from everyone.

Basil performing one of the skits he had learned during his week at camp. Photo By: Brittany Dixon

 Overall, it was an amazing experience being able to go out and be a part of everything that took place that evening. I am extremely grateful that they thought to ask me to join them on their family time.

-Brittany Dixon ’13


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