I’m a Witch!

The other night I was finishing my French homework at the kitchen table.  My host mom walked past and noticed I was working on French so she stopped and looked over what I was doing.  She ended up correcting many of my spelling mistakes which made me feel right home. 

I am not the best speller even in English and I wanted to her to know it was not just French that I have trouble spelling.  I went to my dictionary and looked up all the words in hopes of eliminating all some confusion.  I thought this was going to be great, I was finally going to tell my host mom a little bit about myself!  I told my host mom ” Désolée, je charme mauvais aux  États-Unis aussi,” intending to say “Sorry, I’m a bad speller in the United States too.”  My host mom gave me the strangest look.  Come to find out I told my host mom “I put a bad spell on her in America!”  We both got a good laugh from my misunderstanding.  Watching the hand motions of my host mom as she tried to explain a witch was almost as funny as what I figured out I said.

I quickly learned after that night that even though there are translations for specific words in the dictionary, those translations do not always translate in meaning!  This is an experience with my host mom I will not soon forget.

– Monica Ware ’11



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  1. kindergartenteacherclaire

    That is funny! witchcraft in France!!

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