À la plage

Does this look like a beach to you? Photo taken by AnnaLeah Chantry

La Rochelle is known for its laid back beach town atmosphere says my host mom. Before this trip, I made sure I had swim suits and my coppertone 25 packed. The first night I was here, my host mom and I went for a walk around town. At one point, we ended up at the beach. I was stunned. I stopped dead in my tracks as i saw the ocean crashing over millions of rocks. What kind of beach is this? My host mom told me this beach was artificial and that all the sand was brought here to please the touritst. I laughed and said great, because I like my beaches sandy. I find it so fascinating that this beachy town gets so much credit for their foot cutting, knee scraping beaches. Do not get me wrong, I still love the beach and I have gone back multiple times but I wouldn’t trade sand for rocks any day. Sorry La Rochelle.

AnnaLeah Chantry `12


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