Culture Shock

Having the opportunity to live in La Rochelle for these past couple of weeks has definitely been a one of a kind experience. It’s the smallest things about being in a foreign country that are the most different, and once I arrived I had to get used to the “French” way of doing things.

One thing about France that I have grown to really like is how laid back the people of La Rochelle seem to be. Back at home, it is like everyone is in some sort of rush, but here everyone is just strolling along enjoying the day, never like they are in any big hurry. I like that because I have never been one to always rush to get somewhere or do anything. There is now a good chance, after getting so used to the pace people have set here in La Rochelle, that once I get home I will be hearing a lot of, “Brittany, hurry up, why are you walking so slow?”

Another thing about it here that I will miss once I get back home are the boulangeries, the bakeries, on practically every corner. There is one that is about a two-minute walk from my house here, and just about every night before dinner my host mom goes there to get use a baguette to eat with dinner and from time to time she will bring home some sort of the delicious cakes and desserts they have available. It is always really tasty, and I am definitely going to miss having that once I get back home.

This is the boulangerie about a block or so from my house. Inside is where you will find some of the most delicous treats.

There are so many things about France that I have grown to love since I have been here these past couple weeks, that this list could go on for ages if I were to describe each and everyone. Overall, it was all rather overwhelming at first, but I have grown to really like this place, and I will really miss a lot about it once I get back home.

-Brittany Dixon ’13


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