Dinner Game Show

Host and Co-Host of French Wheel of Fortune

Every night when I get back to my house conversation generally begins the same way at dinner.  They ask me about my day, what I learned at school, and then the quizzing begins.  It is actually very similar to being on a game show only there are no prizes and it does not end when I get an answer wrong.  Usually I am just quizzed on the the objects that surround us, but occasionly there are others randomly thrown in as well. 

The first week was the most intense because it was just me at the table so it was like I was the sole contestant and it was when I was still getting comfortable.  I think that the quizzing was also most intense that first week in an attemp to help me with my vocabulary.  However, the second week, two British girls moved into my house as well and so I was no longer as alone and as a result the game felt as though it would go by a lot faster.  Gradually the game became fewer words until we each eventually had one word that we still randomly get quizzed on for our vocabulary and pronunciation, like  that of “sœur” (“sister).  My word is usually “une assiette” (“a plate”) and i must say that I think this is one French word that I will never forget! 

Although I was uncomfortable sitting at the dinner table being quizzed on my knowledge of French vocabulary, I think this was extremely beneficial.  Not only did this allow me to learn new vocabulary words but they would also correct my pronunciation of ones I did know.  This was all a huge learning experience which I am glad I have had.

~ Jordan Hammelman ’10


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