Language is Everything

The French flag in Ile de Ré. Photo by M.Ware

In our English 400 class we have been discussing the role language plays on society. We looked particularly at an article concerning Quebec’s need to save the French language in the area. The French population in the area is decreasing and being replaced by English-speaking habitants. I do not believe I truly understood the need to save and preserve a language until I took a step back and thought about this situation and how something similar could affect me. Then I realized this article is a lot like in America where English is our native language but Spanish is quickly popping up everywhere and may soon take over in certain areas. There are times where I do not like living in a country where my language is not always expected to be used but at the same time I held out hope that English would be used in France. However after being in France only three weeks I realize how out of line I was to expect English where English was not spoken. Every language needs to be preserved and living with French all around me has actually helped to improve my French.  Though there are frustrating times here I am ultimately glad to be surrounded by French in France.  I came to France to learn and improve my French and for that to happen French needs to be spoken everywhere. 

– Monica Ware ’11


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