Taking the Bus

Bus 1 Photo taken by AnnaLeah Chantry

Figuring out the buses and their schedules was something that was a little difficult for me at first.  I still do not completely know the schedule, but since I need to take one every day to get to the university, I have figured some of it out.  Thankfully I am not the only student living out far enough that I need to take a bus because we were able to to kind of figure everything out together.  I do not think that I have ever taken a bus before this trip, other than a school bus, and so it has been a new experience for me.

Getting on the bus is always the easiest part because all I have to do is wait at the bus stop until the bus you want comes along.  Getting off the bus is a little more difficult because in order for the bus to stop and let someone off, they need to push a button before the bus gets to the stop so that the driver knows someone wants to get off.  The first couple of times that I was on it I was really afraid I was going to forget to push the button and then miss my stop.  This actually happened to me a couple of times where I almost forgot to push the button because I got distracted.  After a couple of days of taking the bus, everything became easier and now I do not worry about missing it.

However, the weekend bus is a whole different story because everything changes, especially for Sunday.  The first Sunday I was in La Rochelle, I sat at the bus stop for about 30 minutes before giving up because I did not realize that on Sundays the bus picked up my stop around the corner.  Since then I have gotten a better grasp of the weekend schedule, but I am still always a little more hesitant to rely on my knowledge of those buses.

~Jordan Hammelman ’10


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