The French Explanation Please

Me and the Vimeux family. Photo taken by Claire Turck

For the past three weeks we have had French class every weekday from 9am until 3pm with an hour and a half break for lunch. That is a lot of French. My favorite part of the class and where I believe I learned the most was when I did not understand – No, I did not just make a typo – I learned the most when I was explained things, in French. Here in France when I would say “Je ne comprend pas” (I do not understand) the professor would describe the word, disect the phrase, or whatever is was I was not getting, all in French. The first time this happend, it drove me up a wall. I then realized, if I take a moment to really listen, I actually understand the explanation. I am used to being spoiled at at home back in the states because when I am lost, I am helped in english. Listening to explanations all in French makes me feel good. I realize how much I really do understand. This also has helped my comprehension and tested my vocabulary a lot. I have even started to get my host family involved on my new weird enjoyment. In the beginning, if I was confused we would exchange my awkward hang signals and their bits and pieces of english. I now ask them to explain things to me in French and it has made all the difference. We have connect on a new level and I have learned so much more. My hosy family truly has become a second family to me. Now, when they are talking or tell a joke and laugh I can particapate too, and if I am confused they are happy to explain to me what has happened – in French of course!

AnnaLeah Chantry ’12


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