“J’ai accompli de délicieux voyages embarqué sur un mot.”

“Just a single word has launched for me many wonderful adventures.”

Honoré de Balzac

– Photograph taken by Vanessa Jackman during Paris Fashion Week SS 2010

On the surface I am sure that stripes escaped no ones notice in France, everywhere you looked there were women adorned in beautiful striped scarf’s, shirts, and even dresses.  Stripes were not only seen on older women, but on men, teenagers, babies and eventually tourists (I bought myself a striped sweater, scarf and shirt.)

The more I thought about the stripes I began to realize that it connected directly to my experience in France.  Some may say that their time in France was life changing, but for me it was more eye-opening.  It had taken me awhile to be comfortable being myself in France, there was not only was a huge language barrier for me, but a slight culture shock.  I soon realized France was not so drastically different than America, and similarities between began to stand out.

I realized that Americans and the French run on two different paths.  Two parallel paths exactly like stripes with two contrasting colors, different shades, both running, both moving forward and both with a past.  During my time in France I not only acquired a love for striped clothing and accessories, but I developed a greater understanding for a different culture.

– Claire Turck ’11


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