“J’ai accompli de délicieux voyages embarqué sur un mot.”

“Just a single word has launched for me many wonderful adventures.”

-Honoré de Balzac

The people I hoped to get along with and now hope we never lose touch.

My time spent in La Rochelle could be wrapped up in a box and labeled HOPE. When I first arrived and settled in with my host family I remember hoping things would kick into high-gear and that I could leave as soon as possible. I remember hoping that my family would cheat and speak to me in English and I said I hope there is internet so I can communicate to my world back at home. Hope is something that I used and expressed and though about in all ways from negative to positive. When I finally seemed to settled in after my first weekend I was hopeful that my first day would go well and my professors would be nice and hopefully english-speakers. I was wrong. Explanations were given in french and handouts and worksheets were too. yikes. By the end of my trip I found myself hoping to get an explanation in french and around every street corner I would hope to see new words on signs. I had always hoped to visit Paris and I got to on this trip. So many of my hopes and dreams came true on this trip. Having hope helped me make it through this trip and now that it is over I close with this; I hope to one day return.

AnnaLeah Chantry ’12


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