Photo Gallery

Being silly at the aquarium! Photo taken by Monica Ware


La Rochelle is surrounded by fields and fields of sunflowers. Photo by Wade Edwards


Boat ride - "The Green Venice" Photo taken by AnnaLeah Chantry


The delicious lunch the students prepared on the last day for their professors!


Dessert too!


Students & Professors. Photo taken by Wade Edwards


French food is wonderful but we decided to have a very American picnic one day. Photo taken by AnnaLeah Chantry


Touring the Towers of La Rochelle


La Rochelle from one of the towers. Photo by Wade Edwards


The Cathedral of St. Louis on the Place de Verdun. This is also the main bus hub and a frequent rendez-vous point. Photo by Heather Edwards


Les Franglaises - An awesome group who sang songs from Hotel California to Billie Jean, all in French! Photo taken by AnnaLeah Chantry


The market is open everyday, though the "big market" takes place each Sunday and Wednesday. Photo by Wade Edwards


The Old Port, La Rochelle. Photo taken by Claire Turck

Tout le mond après nous avons mangé les huitres!


Phare des Baleines, Île de Ré.




Musée de Sel, Île de Ré. Photo taken by AnnaLeah Chantry


Les feu d'artifices-Quatorze Juillet , La Rochelle



4 responses to “Photo Gallery

  1. Christie Dixon

    I am so proud of you Brittany! I have loved reading everyone’s stories here. I can’t wait to see more!

  2. Melanie Marks

    Students, it has been very exciting reading your blog entries. I hope you have all had a wonderful experience that you will remember for years. For those of you who might be new to international travel, I hope this is the first of many exotic adventures. Travel safely home and I look forward to running into some of you at Longwood (I teach economics)!

  3. Susan Stinson

    Wade & the English 400 France Gang,

    Looks like you folks are having a ball! Love the blog. Travel well . . . .

    S. Stinson

  4. Susan Booker

    Wow! What a wonderful illustrated blog. Thank you for your contributions, insights, ideas.

    So happy for you all…

    Safe travels, always!

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